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Bending His Will Like a Length of Rope - Locke/Ben (NC-17)


Bending His Will Like a Length of Rope
Author: "thecolareturns"
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Locke/Ben
Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: We're growing ever-more used to these sideways flashes in Lost. And sometimes only the slightest thing can change the future. When Ben came to see Locke on that fateful night (set in and spoilers for The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham) with intentions to kill him--what would have happened if he didn't seize the opportunity when he did? Would John have finally revealed his love for him? Written for "lostfichallenge" and its prompt of 'compassion'.

Disclaimer: I don't own these people/characters, though I do own the story itself--so if you want to use it for anything, feel free but leave my name on it and send me a msg :)

( The only way he could accept the inevitable was to believe that John had somehow tricked him. Because a gentleman of Ben's limited intimate experience was bound to fall foul of this trap of... seduction. )
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