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Just another slash fangirl

FIC: Unexpected Feelings (1/?) - Jack/Boone

Title: Unexpected Feelings
Autor:  [info]xenasoul 
Pairing: Jack/Boone
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, romance, drama.
Summary: Boone is a model with a declining career. He’s ordered by his boss to go to Doctor Sheperd’s clinic. They both feel mutual attraction. Jack invites him for a date but doesn’t take them very seriously, but Boone did, and eventually falls in love while Jack still holds feelings for a past relationship.
Beta: the amazing [info]nicheledres . Thank you so much for making my fic better.
A/N: model!plastic!surgeon!verse.
This is the fic I mentioned here. I hope there's still someone out there...
Please watch the video I've made about a scene from this chapter and feedback is very appreciated!
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