Shawna (longerthanwedo) wrote in lostfanfic,

And When You're Gone

Title: And When You’re Gone
Author: longerthanwedo 
Characters: Desmond, Kate, Miles, Richard, Sawyer, Claire, Hurley, Ben, Frank
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everybody dies, Jack. Some before you, some long after you. A flurry of last moments, of decided fates. Years and countries apart, the survivors meet their ends.
Spoilers: Post “The End”; mild spoilers for the entire series.
Notes: And here it is, my first ever LOST fic. Created to answer the most potent (in my opinion) post-series question: how does it end? As you can imagine, this is angst-heavy but it has its optimistic moments as well. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here we go again.
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